Regent Collection Round Cord Dog Bed

Here at Avondale, we love want our pets to have the utmost in comfort and our owners to have the most practical of products that fit in well with their homes. With the Regent Collection corded dog beds we think we have created the best of both worlds.

The Regent Collection dog beds have deep walls lined with soft sherpa fleece. They also have a fun paw print inner cushion.  Washable at 40°.

The Regent Collection is available in 3 colours and 6 sizes. 

Made in England.

Sizes Available

  • Extra Small - 17” x 15” (43cm x 38cm) external, 14” x 12” (35cm x 30cm) internal  
  • Small - 21” x 18” (53cm x 45cm) external, 18” x 15” (45cm x 38cm) internal 
  • Medium - 24” x 21” (61cm x 53cm) external, 21” x 18” (53cm x 45cm) internal 
  • Large - 27” x 24” (68cm x 61cm) external, 24” x 21” (61cm x 53cm) internal 
  • Extra Large - 32” x 26” (81cm x 66cm) external, 27” x 23” (68cm x 58cm) internal 
  • Extra Extra Large - 36” x 30” (91cm x 76cm) external, 33” x 27” (84cm x 68cm) internal

Size Guide


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