Glencoe Collection Round Checked Dog Bed

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The Glencoe Collection round checked dog bed is as popular with owners as it it with pets. The bed has a luxurious lining of sherpa fleece that super soft and comfy and will keep your pet warm on even the coldest of nights.  

We have carefully chosen the outer fabric of the bed to be both hardwearing and stylish.

Wherever you choose to place your Glencoe Collection dog bed, you'll find that the carefully chosen outer checked design will complement your home perfectly. Our Glencoe Collection dog beds have a thick base pad that's easy to remove and wash at up to 40 degrees, helping to keep your dogs bed clean and pristine. 

Available in 10 colours and 6 sizes.

Made in England. 

Sizes Available 

  • Extra Small - 17” x 15” (43cm x 38cm) external, 14” x 12” (35cm x 30cm) internal  
  • Small - 21” x 18” (53cm x 45cm) external, 18” x 15” (45cm x 38cm) internal 
  • Medium - 24” x 21” (61cm x 53cm) external, 21” x 18” (53cm x 45cm) internal 
  • Large - 27” x 24” (68cm x 61cm) external, 24” x 21” (61cm x 53cm) internal 
  • Extra Large - 32” x 26” (81cm x 66cm) external, 27” x 23” (68cm x 58cm) internal 
  • Extra Extra Large - 36” x 30” (91cm x 76cm) external, 33” x 27” (84cm x 68cm) internal

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