Suede Dog Beds

Here at Avondale Pet Luxury, we love to spoil our furry friends as much and as often as we can, and we know we are not alone either.

As dog lovers, we believe that there are few better sights in the world than seeing the excitement in your dog when presenting them with a big juicy bone, a new chew toy or best of all, a big cosy luxury suede dog bed to snuggle up in.

If you want to treat your pooch to a luxury but very affordable dog bed then look no further than our range of snuggly Suede Dog Beds. All are designed with a soft and smooth suede running around the outside and filled with a fluffy, soft inside for the ultimate comfort for your dog.

Our range of suede dog beds have high sides, to make your dog feel safe and secure when they slip off to the land of nod. However, the walls of the bed are soft and forgiving enough so that even the clumsiest dog won’t trip or hurt self getting in and out.

They come in a range of colours, so no matter the colour of your interior, there’ll be one that fits right in. We also have a number of different sizes, so big and small dogs alike can have the perfect bed. There is also a choice of round or square beds, depending on the shape of your rooms or what your dog is happiest with.